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The war of the others

The following pictures were shot in preparation for my documentary film ‚Generation Kunduz – The war of the others‘ (see documentary film). 2009 saw a rise in insurgent militant activity in Kunduz province, threatening also the city center and the local population with its daily activities.

Though US and German troops would beef up their presence a few months later and after an incident ordered by the German military which claimed the lives of more than 100 people, among them civilians and children, Kunduz up until today has stayed an area of major insecurity, lacking sufficient number of governmental security forces, army and police, and having to rely on heavily controversial local militias. The locals themselves try to live a life as normal as possible among the frontlines.

P.S. On Sept. 28th 2015, Taliban took the city of Kunduz, with Afghan governmental forces efforts underway trying to take the city back.  It is the first time since falling out of power in late 2001 that the Taliban have infiltrated a major city and are trying to control it.