Students‘ Theater Festival Kabul

The Students‘ Theater Festival Kabul


In november 2015, I co-financed with my initiative the 2nd Students’s Theater Festival in Kabul, the only of its kind in Afghanistan in this year of the international troop withdrawal. The festival comes as a strong message of young urban culture in contemporary Afghanistan, challenging received notions of terror and migration and is a vibrant example of Afghan artistical identity. (see here and here for part of the coverage in Afghan and Western media)
I engaged in an unusual form of cooperation for the co-financing and with the Faculty of Fine Arts fo Kabul University. For the international withdrawal from Afghanistan has quickly led to a lack of initiatives in support of Afghan art and culture in the Hindu Kush. Thus, independent initiatives of this kind come to fill a gap in what is a lack of Western coordinated strategy to help support the Afghan society solidify its cultural and social acquisitions post 2001.
Additional support for the Festival came from DNS/Norway, Daf Records and Goethe Insitute Kabul.


After the deadly attack on a theater performance at Esteqlal Lycée, back in december 2014 in Kabul, art performances, music and theater nearly came to a complete halt in Afghanistan. I felt it was important to set an example and get cultural life back on the tracks again. Motivated by a common understanding between teachers and students of the Fine Arts Faculty, we formulated a text to ‚Save the Afghan theater‘  as a focus point for what an Afghan collegue has called the „second zero hour“ in Afghan theater after the international intervention.

The fesstival’s opening ceremony

Curator Students' Theater Festival Kabul 2015
Curator Students' Theater Festival Kabul 2015
Curator Students‘ Theater Festival Kabul 2015