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Kunduz is a place in the Afghan war which has generally been associated with a heavy German and US military presence. Never had a film been shot there that would show the lives of ordinary Afghans, between the frontlines. It had to be a film free of any embed with the foreign military in order to show an authentic picture of Afghanistan and its people. What motivated me and my Afghan crew in this was to talk about the living realities of these locals and about the dignity they are at risk to loose in this battle.
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5 x Awarwd Winner
20 International Film Festivals

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2011 Montréal World Film Festival, Canada
International Premiere

2011 DOK Leipzig Filmfestival, Germany
DEFA-Award as „outstanding German documentary“

2012 Shanghai TV Festival, China
Magnolia Award & Jury’s Grand Prix Shanghai

2012 Young States Film Festival, Slavonski Brod/
Croatia, Award for Best Feature documentary

2012 Augenweide Filmfestival Kiel, Germany
Award for Best Feature documentary

2012 Planete Doc Film Festival Warsaw, Poland
Honorary mention in the Amnesty Competition

2013 International Muslim Film Festival Kazan, Russia
Award for Best Feature documentary