#Me Too & the Syrian war: fresh eye performance

What does the #Me Too debate has to do with the war in Syria? Nothing, at first sight, one might argue. Seen under a wider angle, both phenomena uncontestedly are part of what current news and analysts identify as deep rooted violence and a lack of dialogue and attention of the other. To what degree this involves aspects of gender and the battle of sexes partly belongs to the viewer and his or her own history. I’ve gone back into my own video archives with the aim to introduce an artistic narrative and (re-)thinking that has at best the ability to challenge some of the stereotypes that go along with the current debates, their political, social as well as private inclinations. The following video, recorded during a performance day in Cologne recently including national and international artists, did not relate to both of debates in any kind nor was it diretly motivated by them. The impulses that stem from it can, I am sure, serve as a fresh eye on what risks to become discoursive dead ends in both cases. But judge yourself: