Alive on Arrival

a US intervention: Kabul 2004

old taxi at work: Deh Afghanan

youth selling Kabul news papers

safer times: an ISAF patrol, Kabul 2004

out of reach: private security guards, Kabul

ISAF patrol, Kabul

worlds apart: in a Kabul taxi

2 dollars a day: searching for work, Kabul

democracy?!: queuing for election day, Kabul 2004

voter registrtion, Kandahar 2004

voting: children 'learn' democracy, Kabul 2005

political ad: looking folooking for tourists? political advertisement, Kabul

on the Bazaar, Kabul 2004

on the street, Kabul 2004

master and servant: Kabul Gold course

security gate, Kabul

popular sports, Kabul

election campaigning, Kabul

walking on stilts: the Kabul mini circus

at the photographer's, Kabul

at the barber's, Kabul

friday pleasure: flying the kite, Kabul

friday pleasure: Qargha lake

back from Jalalabad: highway to Kabul

a playground: Mazar youths, 2008

aid in a box: Wardak 2004

celebrating the new year, Mazar-i-Sharif 2008

phone booth: Bamina province, 2009

week-end pleasure: Band-i-Amir, Bamian province

a youth in Kabul, 2004

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