Finding Afghanistan

Afghanistan plays its enemy Pakistan in Kabul, football under tension

cemetery and urban Kabul melting into one another

office of a Kabul news Agency

Afghanistan wins over its rival Pakistan in football

bill board, Kabul

billiard Club, Mazar-i-Sharif / best shot of the year, Kolga Festival Tiflis/Georgia

a boy on his way to school, Kabul

policemen on duty, Herat

icons, private house, Doshi

beauty parlour, Herat

hairdresser's shop, Doshi

males dance as the wooden curtain devides the wedding society, Kabul

a groom awaiting the wedding

Microryan housing, Kabul

private bedroom, Kunduz

private home, Herat

female security officer at her home

beauty parlour bill board, Kabul

rock group rehearsing

leisure time at a swimming pool, Kabul


Afghan fast food restaurant, Kabul

typical Chai khane in downtown Kabul

outside a typical Chai khane (teahouse), downtown Kabul

a boy at work, selling rolls of toiletpaper

schooling in a Kabul masjid

cemetery and urban Kabul melting in one another

weapon check, entrance of a shopping mall

leisure time at an ISAF military quarter

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