Kunduz: The war of the others

Wooden firearms: German Police training Afghan police

prayer time: Afghan police recruits

Burnt out petrol trucks: attack or accident?

growing up in Kunduz

private film shooting, Kunduz

real ammunition: private film shooting, Kunduz

a female director: private film shooting

artificial blood: film shooting, Kunduz

artificial blood: film shooting, Kunduz

understaffed police, Kunduz

at work, Khanabad district

at work, celebrating Eid, Kunduz city

celebrating Eid

celebrating Eid

in the living quarters, Kunduz city

begging: lunch in Kunduz

laughing: lunch in Kunduz

chaman: the footballfield

dawn breaks, the city

prayer time: celebrating Eid

a school yard

stay safe: police protecting a film shooting

police patrol, Khanabad highway

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