Texas: Into Trump land

Academic Honor Hall, Beaumont/Texas

Rodeo facility, Beaumont

Octoberfest, Beaumont

Street Musician, San Antonio/Texas

Colored neighborhood, New Orleans/Louisiana

Tex-mex worshipping location, San Antonio

Greyhound waiting hall, Austin/Texas

roadside dump, Beaumont

on the streets of Austin

US-mexican neighborhood, San Antonio

industrial crisis since the 60ies, Port Arthur/Texas

Octoberfest, Beaumont

streets of New Orleans

streets of New Orleans

rehearsal, Beaumont/Texas

streets of New Orleans

Greyhound waiting hall, Austin

roof top of a shop, San Antonio

industrial crisis, Port Arthur

streets of New Orleans

Vidor, a former Klu-Klux-Klan stronghold, Texas

streets of New Orleans

streets of New Orleans

Octoberfest, Beaumont/Texas

Vidor neighborhood after hurrican Harvey,

German migrant sisters, Vidor/Texas

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