Qatra Qatra. Perspectives on Afghanistan

Qatra Qatra is a program on Afghan art and culture, society and politics that took place recently in Treviso/Italy and organized by the Fondazione Imago Mundi. It came also in a digital form and can be watched online for all those who have missed it.
„The exhibition is and was curated by Aman Mojadidi at Gallerie delle Prigioni, the show presents artworks that narrate today’s Afghanistan between war and hope, and between peace and uncertainty. The title of the exhibition draws from an ancient Afghan saying “Qatra Qatra Darya Mehsha, “Drop by Drop it Becomes a River” –  which speaks to the importance, rather than the need, for hope, patience, and determination“, the organizers write on their webpage. The exhibition is accompanied by a series of talks with experts, artists, and researchers, and a series of movie screenings.
Here is the link to the panel on Press Freedom, in which I had the honour to participate

Press freedom and complications in the use of photography

I also recommend to have a look at another panel on the risiks to cultural heritage in Afghanistan and ways to prevent the risks, especially with the presentation Michael Barry on what ties Afghan and European/Greek history strongly together up until today, watch

Risks to cultural heritage and ways to prevent them

Last not least, the art works and exhibitions can be found here, with works from Lida Abdul, Rada Akbar, Hangama Amiri, Kubra Khademi and Mario Garcia Torres.