Lectures & Academic Teaching


Lectures and Academic Teaching

The seminars and academic lectures I propose combine my knowledge from the field and in conflict zones with a methodical approach of contemporary conflict, means of resolution and intercultural exchange. The lectures regularly focus on the perception of The Other and depict classical (mis)conceptions of each other in the current and historical debates between the Western, the Islamic or/and the African world. I look for a fresh eye in cross-cultural dialogues, including subcultures from different spheres. The aim is to enable particapants, students and scholars to a thinking that allows for a more independent reasearch, less driven by classical western-centric approaches and rather open to interdisciplinary findings as a result of conflict evaluation from the past decades and wars.
Seminars and academic lectures can be booked as encounters in your respective faculty or institution or as online teachings by getting in touch with me at the contact address below.
Recently and with the political crisis of migrants and refugees extending to Europe and Germany, my teaching on intercultural exchange and awareness extends to working with local partner organisations and young academic and non-academic groups from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries of conflict in order to generate project ideas and initiatives for a successful orientation and integration of newly arrived
young migrants.

The following is non-exhaustive list of my lectures with universities in Germany, at universities internationally and in Afghanistan in the last years:

Photographie in Krieg, Konflikt und religiösem Kontext.
Workshop und Vortag an der Universität Bayreuth, Fakultät für Religionswissenschaft, November 2019 (s. hier)

INVESTIGATIV, investigative journalism and documentary filmmaking,
presentation at KHM, Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln/Academy of Media Arts Cologne, february 2018
in cooperation with Prof. Marcel Kolvenbach

Lecturing at Lamar University, Reaud Honors College Beaumont/USA, october 2017
Interdisciplinary Seminar on Politics, Media, and Storytelling (here)
Comparative Perspectives on Afghanistan: The Forgotten War (here)
Generation Kunduz – War and Conflict in documentary Film (with screening) (here)

Hamburg University/ZNF,
Curriculum for Peacebuilding Studies/Friedensforschung
Konfliktfeld Afghanistan: Erfahrungen im Umgang mit Gewalt und kultursensibler Konfliktbearbeitung
2014 and 2015

Universität Duisburg-Essen, Institut für Politikwissenschaften & Sozialwissenschaften,
Konfliktfeld Afghanistan in Politikwissenschaft und Unterricht, Governance im Mehrebenensystem II:
Der Hindukusch der Anderen – Film, Medien und Zeitgeschichte in Afghanistan nach 9/11

Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg, Institut für Orientalistik/Iranistik,
Film und Medien in Afghanistan nach 9’11, Sommersemester 2013

Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf,
Film als Medium in Krieg und Konflikt: Interkulturelle Kommunikation am Beispiel Afghanistan
Institut für Medien- und Kulturwissenschaft,

Universität Köln, Institut für Orientalistik & Islamwissenschaft
Der Hindukusch der Anderen: Film und Medien in Afghanistan nach 9/11

Ibn-Sina University Kabul,
Challenges of Journalism in Afghanistan (Persian language),
Kabul/Afghanistan 2011

Herat University, Faculty of Literature and Journalism,
Radio & Print Journalism, Journalism Ethics & Safety,
Afghanistan 2008

Seminars & Workshops

Beyond the Bonn Process. Strengthening independent Afghan media,
International German-Afghan Journalism Seminar in cooperation with Journalists.Network and Venro,
the umbrella organisation of development non-governmental organisations  in Germany,
in critical support of the Bonn Afghanistan Conference 2011
(find the appeal of the seminar here)


MSF, Doctors Without Borders Conference: A dangerous liaison? Humanitarian action and Western foreign policies in the era of counter-insurgencies and stabilisation , Berlin 2011

Afghanistan-Tagung Villigst,Bestandsaufnahme des deutschen und Internationalen Engagements in Afghanistan,
Schwerte 2015

FES-Journalistenakademie, Alles Taliban? – Afghanistan und unser Islam-Bild
Bonn 2011

References / Academic organisations I work with

Kunsthochschule für Medien KHM/Academy of Media Arts, Cologne
Medien-Akademie Ruhr
Lamar University / Reaud Honors Collegue, USA
Kabul University, Afghanistan
Herat University, Afghanistan
Ibn-Sina University, Afghanistan
Universität Hamburg/ZNF
Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker-Zentrum für Naturwissenschaft und Friedensforschung
Universität Duisburg-Essen
Heinrich-Heine Universität Düsseldorf
Otto-Friedrich Universität Bamberg, Institut für Iranistik
Universität Köln, Seminar für Islamwissenschaft und Orientalistik
BICC Bonn International Center for Conversion
ZEF Zentrum für Entwicklungsforschung/Center for Development Research, Universität Bonn
Evangelische Akademien Deutschland